Comcast Brings Together 100 Small Businesses in Baltimore City to Provide Critical Education, Resources and Networking Opportunities

After awarding 100 small businesses in Baltimore City with comprehensive grant packages earlier this year, Comcast RISE hosted an in-person event on November 16 called Comcast RISE Day to provide ongoing support, education, resources and network opportunities to recipients.

Catch Up Quick

  • In September, Comcast awarded 100 businesses in Baltimore City with comprehensive grant packages through Comcast RISE,  which include business consultation services, educational resources, a $5,000 monetary grant, creative production, media schedule, and a technology makeover.
  • Comcast RISE has awarded over $125 million in monetary, marketing, and technology grants since 2020. The program was created to help businesses and their communities thrive, with a focus on economic growth. 
  • The Comcast RISE recipients in this round (see full list here) are among the more than 13,500 entrepreneurs nationwide, and close to 200 small businesses in Baltimore City who have received grants through the program to date.

What’s New

  • To provide ongoing investment and help ensure the long-term success of Comcast RISE recipients in Baltimore City, Comcast RISE Day on November 16 connected entrepreneurs to additional resources to help them thrive, including:
  • Education – Content and resources that recipients can use to improve business effectiveness.
  • Collaboration – A forum where the business owners shared knowledge and best practices with each other.
  • Networking – Opportunities to discuss ideas with local elected officials, local business leaders, as well as introduction to national and local partner institutions.
  • Recognition – Recognition of their business success and for being selected as a Comcast RISE recipient—this included the creation of a business directory of local RISE winners.

What They’re Saying:

  • LaShauna Jones, a Comcast RISE recipient and owner of Sporty Dog Creations Hot Dogs in Baltimore City, highlighted the importance of Comcast’s continued investment in small businesses:

“The Comcast RISE grant has given us renewed hope and excitement for what’s to come, and we’re so grateful to have the added benefit of all that comes with Comcast RISE Day – from networking with other recipients to learning from other successful business owners. Thank you, Comcast, for continuing to support small businesses in Baltimore City.”

  • Loren Hudson, SVP and Chief Diversity Officer for Comcast Cable, added:

“Last year, we introduced Comcast RISE Days as a way to continue supporting the long-term success of small businesses in the communities we serve. Comcast RISE began to help businesses survive during the pandemic, today we are helping businesses and their communities achieve stronger economic growth over the long term by building meaningful connections and relationships.”

The Big Picture:

  • Comcast RISE is part of Project UP, the company’s comprehensive initiative to advance digital equity and help build a future of unlimited possibilities.
  • An interactive map shows Comcast RISE recipients nationwide.
  • Any small business owner can visit the Comcast RISE destination on the X1 platform featuring aggregated small business news, tips, insights, and more. Just say “Comcast RISE” into the X1 voice remote.

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